A New School Year (2019-20)

Labor Day and we have begun a new chapter in Garfield Ultimate. Our program continues to grow year after year and we are excited for the year to come. If you haven’t already, signup for our player or parent email lists on the ghsultimate.org homepage. Tryouts for the fall boys teams are underway and will continue through Sept 6th. Paperwork has been updated on our forms page, and team dues for Fall 2019-20 will be $185/player. Please contact ghsultimate@gmail.com for ways to submit your payment. Remember, ultimate players do NOT need to pay the school sports fees or do a physical (although one is encouraged for piece of mind).


Winter Updates

A few updates as the weather continues to be cold and wintery.

Winter Lifting (Tuesdays 430-6)
Winter lifting continues throughout February and the beginning of March. Mark your calendars and join RenFitness staff at their gym in Ballard. Here are the remaining dates:
February 20th
February 27th
March 13th (NO LIFTING MARCH 6th)
March 20th
Suggested donations of $5/session, but don’t sweat it if you can’t afford it. Just go and lift and move. If you’re on the fence talk to Joni or Quinn about it, and they can tell you more about the sessions. If you need a ride reach out to one of the boy captains, they tend to have rides arranged.

Spring Girls
Spring Girls will begin their season February 26th. Keep an eye out for more information coming in the next week.

Spring Boys League (Friday Night Games)
Signups for Friday night boys league are here! Anyone who identifies as male can signup to play regardless of experience and they will be assigned a team. Games are friday nights in the range of 530-10pm and cost for the league is $25. Scholarships are available. There are no team practices associated with this league. Signups close February 28th.

Spring Boys Nationals Team (Tryouts)
We will have tryouts on Tuesday March 6th and Thursday March 8th. Both will be 430-630 at the Jefferson Turf. Tryouts are open to all athletes regardless of intent to travel with the team to Nationals. We are expecting to take a roster of approx 22-25 players. Players who make the team will be expected to attend two coach led practices a week (on Mondays and Thursdays) through March, April, and May, as well as captain practices and conditioning on their own. Players can expect 3-4 weekly commitments throughout the season.

Any questions on these items, let us know ghsultimate@gmail.com
-GHS Coaching Staff

2016 Fall Boys Varsity Roster

Congratulations to the following players who were selected to our 2016 Fall Boys Varsity Roster:

Atkin A.
Ben K-M
Cameron C.*
Cameron H.
Chase A.
David E.
Eli B.
Isaiah S-L.
Jordan F.
Kepler S.
Matthew L
Niko B.
Peter L.
Quinn E.*
Soren D.
Tony G.*
Tony N.
Will O.

Players listed alphabetically.

* denotes captain

Rosters for Fall Drizzle and USAU States RELEASED!

Fall Drizzle Roster:

  • Anya Meleshuk
  • Bella Rowland-Reid
  • Elena Stark
  • Erika Monda
  • Juliana Lee
  • Michelle Nguyen
  • August Keller
  • David Brinkley
  • Elias Baldwin
  • Gabe Ingman
  • Khoi Nguyen
  • Matthew Liu
  • Morgan Higgins
  • Oskar Abian
  • Quan Huie
  • Tony Goss
  • Viktor Freshley-Hess
  • Yonatan Tadesse

USAU Boys State Roster:

  • August Keller
  • Ben Kass-Mullet
  • Chan Huynh
  • Chris Huie
  • David Brinkley
  • Elias Baldwin
  • Ethan Kim-Shinn
  • Isaiah S-L
  • Khoi Nguyen
  • Leonard Hakizimana
  • Markell Thornton
  • Matthew Liu
  • Morgan Higgins
  • Oskar Abian
  • Quin Lagmay
  • Tony Goss
  • Viktor Freshley-Hess
  • Yonatan Tadesse

Seattle Invite – Here we come

This weekend (Oct 11/12) the GHS Boys will be competing at the Seattle Open Invite in Monroe, WA. Schedules are posted here: Seattle Open Invite. You can follow our twitter feed for updates, @ghsultimate. If you’re out there on the weekend, look for the boys in Purple and come say hi.

Info for Parents/Players:

This tournament is for Varsity players only, but others are welcome to come cheer. Players are arranging their own carpools, but should let Rusty know who is traveling with whom. We are playing at Skykomish River Centennial Park  Players should bring: Water, Purple shirt, White shirt, cleats, and warm clothes. There will be Five Ultimate gear for sale, but it’s cash only. There will also be free tournament food (snacks, bagels, fruit, hummus, ect.) but players are encouraged to bring their own snacks and plan to share with your teammates. Lastly, remember all players must have a grade check sheet submitted to Rusty before they can play.

Girl’s Season Begins

Under the new vision of Sophie Scofield-Selby the girl’s team begins their season this week with practices. Practices are 3-5pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at Jefferson Community Center playfield on top of Beacon Hill. Check out the calendar link for full season details.

Boys to Westerns Tournament


     Last week the varsity team met and voted unanimously to train and travel to Westerns. Westerns is an elite single gender tournament where the best of the Western region compete for a title. We have gone to the tournament off and on over the past four years. Last year we took a team of inexperienced players for a wonderful trip and some high level experience. This year we want to train and compete well at the tournament. For those who wish to be a part of this experience here is the requirements:
Experience – The training sessions will be open to all boys team players regardless of fall team status (this means JV and Varsity players can both train)
Attendance – Players must attend one 3-hour training session every week. A player must not miss more than 3 sessions to be eligible for the Westerns trip. Those who have extenuating circumstances can speak directly with the coaching staff and may be pardoned from more training sessions on a case-by-case basis. Those who wish simply to train with the boys but not travel will not be required to attend any given training session.
Extra Training Sessions – beginning in February the coaching staff will break players into “pods” which will meet once a week for conditioning. These sessions will be player driven with guidance by coaching staff, but not directly supervised.
Throwing Sessions – At the first training session each player will be given a personal disc. This disc is to be used for throwing each week outside of training sessions. Players will be asked to track their throwing sessions by listing the date on the disc in sharpie, along with the initials of their throwing partner.
Team Selection – After spring break the coaching staff will select the best team for the tournament. Those not selected can continue to train through May with the team, but will not travel with the team. The team will be selected to have no less than 14 members, but no more than 25. All players selected will be given an idea how much playing time they can expect and will then be asked to pay a tournament deposit and confirm their spot.
Cost – Players will only pay to play at the tournament. The training sessions will be free.
     The location for next year’s westerns has not been confirmed but recent emails suggest it will be in Corvallis, OR. This means the tournament should cost around $150/player, not including jerseys (if you have a full jersey set; purple, white, and shorts, this will cost you nothing). Scholarships will not be available, but we will try to do some team fundraisers in the Spring.
Training sessions will be on weekends beginning January 4th and going through the end of May. Sessions will occur either at Garfield, Jefferson Turf, or Jefferson Grass. The tournament will happen in early June. Those Juniors planning to attend Westerns should NOT schedule their SAT for June.Each player must signup at the following form by November 23rd.


Garfield Ultimate Frisbee Coordinator

SPS League Commissioner

Garfield State of the Union Address

      I want to apologize for my lack of email updates this season. It seems like only yesterday we were doing preseason practices and it was sunny outside. Now the season has ended and we begin to look forward to the rest of the school year. But before we do, let’s take a quick look back on the past boys season.
      We had three teams (1 varsity and 2 JV) teams this past fall and upwards of 60 boys in attendance at one point or another. We are the first public high school to offer two JV teams and only the 2 team in the entire league to do so. Our two JV teams combined for a 1 loss season beating all teams at least once on the season. While our Varsity didn’t do as well (3-3 in league and an early playoff exit) we implemented a new offensive system and our 3 league loses came by the narrowest of margins.


    I have gear for people, however FiveUltimate messed up our order and half of the gear ordered is not ready yet. It should be done this week and I’m hoping to come by Garfield next week to hand out the remaining items. I will email and post to Facebook when I am coming by so people can get their gear. I apologize again it took so long and this will be a process we are looking to streamline in the future.

Upcoming Playing Opportunities
    There are many playing opportunities for guys and girls in the coming months. Of course the girls have their Spring season which will begin with practices on Feb. 3rd and they will be practicing on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays throughout the season. See below for other playing opportunities and how to sign up.
Mossfest (Boys Only)
     This event is being put on by a coalition of youth coaches in the south end. The hope it create a community service program for young men where they can learn leadership skills. To kick it off and get the word out, there will be a one day tournament.

Who: Guys 7-12th grade!
What: MossFest 2K13 – AGE UP guys tournament
Where: Jefferson Turf (a.k.a. mercer fields)
When: November 11th, 2013 (Veteran’s Day) 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Why: Play a bunch of ultimate, learn about Guys AGE UP, and get an application!
Bring: Cleats, a light(white) and a dark jersey, water, a little cash for food, your game face, and an E 13 waiver filled out front and back (necessary to play). 

Download the waiver here!

Questions? Holler
Joseph Kido: kido@allgirleverything.org
Christian Tugade: tugade@allgirleverything.org

Sam Terry: sam@allgirleverything.org
Winter (Coed)
     Each winter the Garfield coaches and players put together a team for the local DiscNW Adult League. This league is laid back, with no score, and games always last 2 hrs. Games will be Saturdays beginning in January, and there will be no practices associated with this team. If you want to play the cost is $20 for the whole season (bring it to the first game) and sign ups will begin in early December.
Youth Coed (Coed Obviously)
      In the Spring I let the captains run a coed squad that plays in the DiscNW Youth league. This spring we will have 1 or 2 teams depending on signups. Each team must have at least 6 girls to compete, so get your friends to play. These teams will have games on Saturday beginning in March and going through mid-May. There will be no formal practices associated with these teams, but captains can arrange informal practices as they see fit. If we have one team, signups will be first come first served, if there are two teams we will split the teams into an A and B squads to better compete at different skill levels. Cost for this league will most likely be $20/person, but it will depend on sign ups. Signups will open in February.
Westerns (Boys and Girls, separately)
      Westerns is an elite tournament of the best regional teams from Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and parts of California. Last year we sent a boys team and a girls team, and the intent is the same for this year. Obviously the girls season will culminate in this tournament in early June, but the boys will have special training sessions beginning in January. A separate email will come out shortly regarding how the boys team will work. NOTE the tournament is often on the first weekend in June which is a popular SAT weekend, Juniors who plan to go to Westerns should plan their testing accordingly.
End of Season Party
     To make planning easier, and to get better weather, we do not do a separate boys end of season party. Garfield Ultimate will have one large end of season party in mid-late June.
     That’s all for now, hopefully all players on on the facebook group (if not search for Garfield Ultimate Frisbee, and request access), and I look forward to the off season events. If I don’t see you before January, hope you all have a safe and happy holidays.


Garfield Ultimate Frisbee Coordinator

SPS League Commissioner