Coaching Staff

Here is the current listing of coaches/support staff for GHS Ultimate.

  • Carl Richmond (Bx JV Coach)
  • Joe Bowley (Mixed Program Head, Gx Co-Coach)
  • Kenny Lawler (Gx Co-Coach)
  • Kevin Birchok (Bx JV Coach)
  • Laura Mendomo (Mixed Program Head, Gx Co-Coach)
  • Nicole Neumiller (Mixed Varsity Coach)
  • Rusty Brown (Program Coordinator)
  • Sophie Scofield-Selby (Gx Co-Coach)
  • Soren Dahl (Bx Varsity Coach)
  • Taylor Hartman (Gx Program Head)
  • Tim Laverty (Mixed JV Coach)
  • Wally Kwong (Bx Program Head)

Here is a list of our coaching Alumni

  • Lili Gu (Girls Varsity Head Coach)
  • Qxhna Titcomb (Girls Varsity Head Coach)
  • Kavik Frol (Varsity Boys Head Coach)
  • Homer (Varsity Boys Head Coach)
  • Noah Boudra (JV Boys Head Coach)
  • Ryan Segal (JV Boys Head Coach)
  • Phil (JV Boys Assistant Coach)
  • Jonathan Collins (JV Boys Assistant Coach)
  • Andrew Lynch (Mixed Head Coach)
  • Luke Jesperson (Mixed Head Coach)
  • Alyssa Kelly (Mixed Head Coach)
  • Adlai Felser (Mixed Head Coach)

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