All League Team(s) Posted

2011 Boys Seattle Public Ultimate Frisbee League

All League 1st Team:

Franklin Henry Phan
Ballard Jake Lemmen
Ingraham Nolan Walsh
Nathan Hale Tianchuan Yen 
Nathan Hale Zhi Chen
Nathan Hale Jordon Lim
Nathan Hale Destin Kawaka


All League 2nd Team:

Ballard Glenn Zieve
Franklin Eric Soria-Patrick
Franklin Mark Sampayan 
Cleveland Hieu Phan
Ingraham Luke Allen
Franklin Dennis Casio 
Cleveland Paolo Eleccion
Garfield Conor Eckert


All-League Honorary Mention

Roosevelt Eli Savelle

Coach(es) Of The Year:

Nathan Hale – BJ Sefton and Julian Peterson

Team Sportsmanship / Spirit Award



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