Boys to Westerns Tournament


     Last week the varsity team met and voted unanimously to train and travel to Westerns. Westerns is an elite single gender tournament where the best of the Western region compete for a title. We have gone to the tournament off and on over the past four years. Last year we took a team of inexperienced players for a wonderful trip and some high level experience. This year we want to train and compete well at the tournament. For those who wish to be a part of this experience here is the requirements:
Experience – The training sessions will be open to all boys team players regardless of fall team status (this means JV and Varsity players can both train)
Attendance – Players must attend one 3-hour training session every week. A player must not miss more than 3 sessions to be eligible for the Westerns trip. Those who have extenuating circumstances can speak directly with the coaching staff and may be pardoned from more training sessions on a case-by-case basis. Those who wish simply to train with the boys but not travel will not be required to attend any given training session.
Extra Training Sessions – beginning in February the coaching staff will break players into “pods” which will meet once a week for conditioning. These sessions will be player driven with guidance by coaching staff, but not directly supervised.
Throwing Sessions – At the first training session each player will be given a personal disc. This disc is to be used for throwing each week outside of training sessions. Players will be asked to track their throwing sessions by listing the date on the disc in sharpie, along with the initials of their throwing partner.
Team Selection – After spring break the coaching staff will select the best team for the tournament. Those not selected can continue to train through May with the team, but will not travel with the team. The team will be selected to have no less than 14 members, but no more than 25. All players selected will be given an idea how much playing time they can expect and will then be asked to pay a tournament deposit and confirm their spot.
Cost – Players will only pay to play at the tournament. The training sessions will be free.
     The location for next year’s westerns has not been confirmed but recent emails suggest it will be in Corvallis, OR. This means the tournament should cost around $150/player, not including jerseys (if you have a full jersey set; purple, white, and shorts, this will cost you nothing). Scholarships will not be available, but we will try to do some team fundraisers in the Spring.
Training sessions will be on weekends beginning January 4th and going through the end of May. Sessions will occur either at Garfield, Jefferson Turf, or Jefferson Grass. The tournament will happen in early June. Those Juniors planning to attend Westerns should NOT schedule their SAT for June.Each player must signup at the following form by November 23rd.

Garfield Ultimate Frisbee Coordinator

SPS League Commissioner

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